“I'm conscious that the things I make are filling a void. My impetus is to fill the choosen voids with works consisting of light, space, surface and time, as faithfully as possible to the original void, as close as possible to chaos.”
Light, Space, Surface and Time dialogue with surroundings

Started as a fine art photographer, he evolved to introspective multimedia art, scenography and performances, overlapping the real and imaginary world and. He invites the experiencers to engage in multilayered conversations..
My projects are like trees where the multiple layers in my head are growing into branches and leaves. I intend that my works become an aesthetic-conceptual interactive experience, instigating generative conversations with family, friends and persons one did not interact with before. Some will behold the silhouette or look at the individual branches, others will zoom in on the leaves or even gaze at the venation. A few might even dig to see and feel the roots of the tree.
Jacques's work often comes with a "mapzette", showing thoughts and revealing the process of “rooting the tree”.
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